LOVE without being around. SHIRO SELF

A place for exploring beauty at your own pace.
If you see any products that interest you,
just hold your smartphone over the product.
Our digital shopping guidance with audio is at your service.
There's no need to talk to our in-store beauty specialist.
With our digital guide, you don’t have to stop and look around for help.
No more caring about what others think.
Just immerse yourself in choosing products that fit your lifestyle and personality.
Because SHIRO knows that taking all the time for making a happy choice
is a part of beauty experience.


At SHIRO SELF,face-to-face interactions are replaced by smartphone guidance
offering product information and how to use on smartphone screen with audio.
The guidance is available in Japanese and English.

SHIRO SELF is a retail space where, regardless of age, gender and culture,
all customers are welcome to check and try products at their own pace.
Welcome to a new shopping experience that celebrates diversity.

  1. STEP1

    Find and visit a SHIRO SELF store.

    Scan the SHIRO SELF store’s QR code* with your smartphone to access SHIRO SELF store site.

  2. STEP2

    Shopping via smartphone.

    Get product details, read FAQs and confirm your order on your smartphone. Try products you like at your own pace.

  3. STEP3

    Take a picture of the QR code* on the product.

    QR code* lets you read or listen to product details and other information normally offered by sales staff.

  4. STEP4

    Click a cart button to proceed to check-out.

    Once all the products are in a shopping cart, proceed to check-out.You will receive an order number when your order is confirmed.

  5. STEP5

    Check-out and receive your order at different counters in store.

    Show your order number and check-out at the cash register, receive your order at pick-up counter when you are called. Delivery can be arranged after payment. *Address in Japan only.

* “QR Code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

Access SHIRO SELF store site

A beginning of a shopping experience like never before.

*If you have already experienced SHIRO SELF store and the store site, and know which products to buy, you can place an order and go to STEP 5.


SHIRO is committed to ethical causes. That is why our products are sold without
paper box packages and shopper bags in this store. *Shopper bags are available upon request.
To show our appreciation for your support to our causes, we are offering a 3% price discount.
*Price discount does not apply to all products.

Fancy paper box packages and shopper bags are meant to delight customers.
But the truth is, a vast amount of packages and bags are thrown away every day.
To play our role in conservation, realizing an ethical society and make a contribution to sustainability,
we are introducing an ethical discount to be kinder to the environment and
reducing wastes and returning the savings to our customers.



SHIRO official site free shipping over ¥ 11,000 (tax included)